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Local Kitchens is a technology company building the future of food (think franchising 2.0), where we partner with the top local restaurant brands and help them scale their brand on the internet and expand their geographical presence. From the perspective of our guests, we’re “Amazon for Food” – we’ll have a network of kitchens across the country to provide amazing food anywhere. Food is unlike traditional e-commerce: you can’t just put it in a box and ship it. It requires new hyper-local infrastructure to fulfill. For our brand partners, “Shopify for Food Creators” – we bring the flexibility of the digital world to the physical; We provide them with the infrastructure to scale on the internet. We’re a platform that allows food creators with an internet presence to rapidly expand their geographical footprint.

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Jordan Bramble

CTO / Co-founder @ Local Kitchens

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Product Designer at Local Kitchens